Looking to Sell Your Car for Cash in Sunshine Coast?

At Sunshine Coast Cash for Cars, we pay the highest price for any make, model or condition of vehicle. With same-day Car Removals and payments, we’re the Car Buyers you’ve been searching for. Let us take care of everything while you sit back and relax. If you own a vehicle that has seen better days, it’s time to consider a quick and convenient sale for it. With us, you can sell your vehicle as it is. No repairs need to be made, no washing, cleaning or polishing the car. Just sell the car to us, damage and all, and we will pay top cash for it!

We buy all types of vehicles, such as cars, trucks, vans, utes, SUVs, 4WDs, buses, caravans, commercial vehicles and more. Get a quick quote for your vehicle. Give us a call on 0435 760 022 and get an instant cash offer for your vehicle today!

Instant Cash for cars Sunshine Coast

Cash for Cars has become one of the most popular ways for sellers to get top cash for their vehicles. It is a revolutionary selling model that enables you to get a fair cash offer with just one phone call.

  • Get a FREE Cash for Cars quote over the phone
  • Get paid cash on the spot
  • Schedule your free car removal
  • Wait for us to arrive to collect the car & pay you the cash

Call us now and enjoy our FREE car removal across Sunshine Coast.

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Free, Same-Day Car Removals Sunshine Coast

Selling your car to a dealership or to a private buyer can be a long drawn out, expensive process. After all, you’ll have to clean and detail your vehicle, make repairs and do everything in your power to make the vehicle look more appealing to the prospective buyer. This means spending thousands of dollars to get your car looking its best. But the worst part is that, even after all that effort and expense, there’s no guarantee that you’ll find a reliable buyer.

This is where Sunshine Coast Cash For Cars comes in. We are a licensed and registered Car Removal company in the Sunshine Coast that buys vehicles of all conditions as they are. You don’t have to do anything to sell your car to us. Simply pick up your phone, give us a call and we’ll provide you with a cash offer for your vehicle. All that’s left to do then is for you to BOOK YOUR FREE CAR REMOVAL.

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We provide excellent customer service

At Sunshine Coast Cash for Cars, we always go the extra mile to ensure you get the best experience when dealing with us. Our whole business model has been designed for your convenience and comfort. We’ve made it easy for you to dispose of your old, unwanted, scrap or used cars. With free eco-friendly car recycling, it’s now easier than ever before to dispose of your unwanted vehicles in a safe and responsible manner.

Selling your car no longer has to be a time-consuming, expensive process. With Sunshine Coast Cash for Cars, you can sell your car within an hour and without incurring any selling expenses.

When your car’s become more of a liability than a valuable asset, it might be time to Sell Your Car for Cash. Car buyers like Sunshine Coast Cash for Cars make it easy for your to scrap your car for instant cash. Nevertheless, you might be skeptical and cynical about the costs and paperwork involved […]

If you’re living in the Sunshine Coast region for a while and have been looking to sell out your old, unwanted car, then you must have heard about Sunshine Coast Cash for Cars. We’re experienced car buyers known for our high cash offers for cars of all makes and conditions. Quick and Efficient Car Removal […]


Why choose us?

We pay top dollar for your unwanted cars, trucks, vans, 4WDs, SUVs, forklifts, buses, caravans, vans, utes and more. Get a fair and honest quote for your vehicle. There are no hidden costs or fees to worry about when you sell your vehicle to us. We are honest and straightforward with our process, so you go into the deal well-informed and knowing that you’re getting the best price for your vehicle.

We offer reliable cash offers and convenient car removals in Sunshine Coast

If you have any questions, we will be happy to assist

How can I sell my car to you?

If you have a vehicle to sell, just give us a call on 0435 760 022 and we’ll be happy to provide you with an instant cash offer for your vehicle over the phone.

Do I have to drive to your location?

No, you don’t have to! One of the best parts about selling your vehicle to us is that you get to enjoy a Free Vehicle Removal in Sunshine Coast. This means we will come to your residence to pick up the vehicle, so you don’t have to drive it or arrange for it to be towed over to our yard.

What kind of vehicles do you buy?

Pretty much everything. At Sunshine Coast Cash for Cars, we buy a wide array of vehicles such as cars, vans, utes, trucks, buses, caravans, forklifts, bobcats, 4WDs, motorcycles, commercial vehicles, container trucks, heavy duty vehicles and more. No matter what vehicle you’ve got, chances are that we’ll buy it.

How are you able to provide quotes over the phone?

Well, to put it simply, our experience enables us to provide accurate cash quotes over the phone. We require you to provide details of the vehicle such as the make, model and its condition. Once you give us that information, our auto experts will be able to provide you with a quick valuation for the vehicle. And yes, it’s all done over the phone for your convenience!

What is the best option? Selling my vehicle privately or opting for a dealership?

Selling your vehicle to a dealership is an easy sale. When a dealer negotiates for Cash For Trucks, their offer will account for the money it will cost them to fix issues in your vehicle so they can sell it and make profits. Tiny details such as scratches, dents, or upholstery stains will need to be resolved. The repairs’ cost will likely have an impact on the trade-in value and be deducted from the offer. But the advantage is you won’t have to be hassled about supervising these repairs yourself. It will all be taken care of for you. Also, in some areas, there are considerable tax savings to be made when opting for a dealer. It will help if you check the regulations in your area to find out if you can make significant savings.

Also, keep in mind that when you sell your car privately, you will be responsible for the marketing of your car. You need to comply with any requirements and negotiation with buyers. It will take longer and require additional effort on your part.

We accept all makes and models

Are you worried about whether or not we’ll accept a particular auto brand? Worry no more! At Sunshine Coast Cash for Cars, we buy all makes and models! Whether your vehicle is European, Korean or Japanese made, it doesn’t matter. We love all kinds of automobiles, so we buy them all, such as: