We Pay Cash For Cars On The Spot!

    We all have vehicles that are old, used, and possibly damaged. These vehicles have served their purpose for numerous years. But it may just be scrap metal now. They are in a state where they cannot provide any service, or can they?

    What if I were to tell you that you can get extra dollars in return for your old junk vehicles? It certainly sounds interesting. Sunshine Coast Cash for Cars is a professional Car Removal business that will take your scrap vehicles and give you money in return. You do not need to go anywhere. Our service providers will do everything for you and will pay good money for your unused vehicles.

    Sunshine Coast cash for cars will buy your old vehicles in exchange for top dollar. You don’t have to be hassled about bringing your vehicles to us. We will go to your place and pick it up for you. Give us a call now at 0448 624 991.

    How can you get free car removals and cash for your car from us?

    First off, vehicle owners must get a quote for their vehicle that they will accept. We will not be negotiating for hours. Instead, we have a standard quote. There is no lengthy discussion. Please call us at our number and provide your car’s make, model, age, and condition to obtain this quote. We will also be giving quotes via our get a quote located on our webpage.

    Free car removals

    Our offer

    We will be providing an offer, and if we arrive at an agreement, we will move on to the next step. There is never any pressure to accept our quote for your vehicle, and you are welcome to turn it down or think about the offer just as you are to accept our offer.

    Free Car removal services in the Sunshine Coast

    Vehicle owners that will be accepting our offer will be asked to schedule Free Car Removals in Sunshine Coast. We have a reliable team of tow truck drivers that work 24/7. We operate a full fleet of vehicles that allows us to remove up to five vehicles at a time. Regardless if you have one car or several cars, you have the convenience of effortless and quick car removal services at the time of your convenience.

    You must also present the title of your vehicle. It must be on a parking area that allows our tow truck drivers to swiftly make an inspection of the car and load it. But before loading the vehicle, we will be paying for your car via Bank payment online or check. Our tow truck drivers will be bringing the sales contract that makes the sale legal. In exchange, you will be providing them with the title of your vehicle. Once both parties sign the paperwork, we then give you the cash for your vehicle.

    Count your cash as we load and remove your scrap vehicle

    Getting rid of your scrap vehicles is an awesome way to earn a little extra pocket money

    Hiring professional car removal services allows you to earn some extra cash from an old and used piece of vehicle that is lying around in your property. It may not have been used for an extremely long time. Those vehicles that have been damaged or scrapped will now turn into revenue that will provide you extra pocket money. We give top rates for your vehicles. You will have a reasonable price in return for your old ride.

    Call us

    Is your junk vehicle causing you headaches? Have you run out of ideas on where to store it? At Sunshine Coast cash for cars, we will help you free up some extra space in your property while earning some money. We purchase used and scrap cars, regardless of their condition. Give us a call now at 0448 624 991 and know more about our process!