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    Get Cash for Unwanted Cars in The Sunshine Coast

    Do you have a vehicle that you are finally ready to bid goodbye to? With a heavy heart, you get ready to sell it, only to find that there are no takers for it. Well, we do not want to see you go through that. At Sunshine Coast Cash for Cars, we provide Cash for Unwanted Cars.

    Just call us on 0435 760 022 for a quick quote for your vehicle.

    Our Cash for Unwanted Cars Process

    Our Cash for Unwanted Cars Process

    We do not blame you for feeling sceptical. However, we want to assure you that there is no reason for you to feel so. To alleviate the fears you might have, we present our operating model.

    As a business, we do not want you to worry about the state of your vehicle. We understand that parting ways with your car is brutal enough as it is. We don’t wish to make that any harder.

    So, when we enable Unwanted Car Removals, we only expect some basic things from you:

    • You need to clean the interiors of the vehicle before you give them over to us.
    • You need to remove the plates before you hand over the vehicle.

    Here is what you do NOT have to do:

    • You do NOT have to work on the vehicle to make it more presentable.
    • You do NOT have to spend money to fix any part or feature of the vehicle.

    When we look at your vehicle, be it an SUV, Jeep, van, car truck, 4×4, bus, or bike, we immediately make you an offer. If you accept our offer, which we promise will be competitive, we instantly offer Cash for Unwanted Cars.

    A Step-by-step Look Into Our Car Removal Process

    Say you are ready to part with your car. But you are uncertain how to go about it. It is where we, at Sunshine Coast Cash for Cars, come into the picture.

    First, we give you a quote. The amount is decided based on the inputs of our car appraisers. With years of experience backing them, they put the correct price on your vehicle, no matter its make or its condition.

    When faced with the quote, there are three things you could do. The first is to accept the price. The second is to reject it. The third is to let us know that you will take time to think about it.

    If you decide to take the quote, you can start saying goodbye to your car as we move fast.

    Our Car Collection Process

    • We will schedule a time to remove your car. A time that is convenient for you.
    • No matter the time or place, our tow trucks will be there as they are always on duty.
    • You will have to park the car in a place that will allow our driver to inspect the vehicle, as well as load and remove it.
    • We would prefer if you remove the plates so the process can go on seamlessly.
    • Keep your vehicle’s title of ownership or its scrap title ready. You will be required to sign it over to the driver.
    • The driver will arrive with a sales and payment contract that both of you need to sign.
    • The payment is made digitally or through a check, and voila, the process is complete!

    Why Should We Be Your First Choice When It Comes to Cash for Unwanted Cars Sunshine Coast?

    If you aren’t convinced already, let us give you some more reasons to trust us with Unwanted Car Removals.

    • We have years of industry experience
    • We have experienced professionals on our team
    • We live and breathe vehicles
    • We pay you instantly
    • We move your cars for free
    • We believe in making sustainable choices

    So What Are You Waiting For?

    You deeply care about your vehicle. So do we. Get the best price for your car with us. Give Sunshine Coast Cash for Cars a call at 0435 760 022 so your car can find a home with us.